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For the past three generations, the Cléroux family has cultivated millions of plants. Sylvain Cléroux, the current president, took over the company in 1983. From the first few days of its operations, the company's facilities grew from a few greenhouses of wood to over 600,000 square feet of greenhouses, with very modern facilities.


Groupe Sylvain Cléroux joined with Art Design Import in 2001, to offer its customers the best quality Indonesian teak at absolutely unbeatable prices.

Art Design Import was established in 2001, following its founding partners' discovery of Indonesian hand-crafted treasures, several years before. They developped a network of craft workers and suppliers of unique, high-quality products and imported them into Quebec for nearly 10 years. Long experience on the islands of Bali and Java, with their products exported throughout the world, made it possible to lay the groundwork for the company. Backed by its experience, Art Design Import works with the best crafts people on these islands and offers you their high-quality products at prices that are much lower than our competitors. Compare and you'll see!


Strict management of furniture production sites

With such management, we are able to guarantee great quality in the selection of raw materials and products at all manufacturing levels.

Control over all logistics

From manufacturing to delivering and receiving the products, Art Design Import makes sure that it obtains the best quality available for you. Excellent after-sales service has been one of our trademarks for the past 13 years.

Strict cost management

Our strict management of production costs and the sale of our products directly from the importer, guarantee you the best price on the market. You pay only for high-quality furniture and nothing more.